Sacred Plants
They’ve been getting so tall! ^_^

They’ve been getting so tall! ^_^

Garden update~

[1] Calea ^_^
[2] False Kava had grown quite a bit~
[3] Tumeric is getting big!
[4] Mama Woodrose climbing up really high~
[5] Reed Canary~
[6] Yopo is doing well and the ginger needs to be planted soon..
[7] Persian Silk now in the ground!
[8] Persian Silk before being planted.
[9] Coleus blooming and happy~
[10] Avocado =3

So, this happened.
Cute little guy! ^_^

The first cucumbers are growing♥

The Tumeric had been absolutely exploding out of its pot :P

I put the Kava and Tumeric in the ground this morning~

Flowering KavaKava and Sinicuichi~

I love how the Woodrose’s vines get so big and bark-y over time.
I remember when the big, thick ones here were just little vines that we could bend and move around wherever we wanted to. <3

Mama Woodrose is flowering so nicely~

The cucumbers are growing nicely~

The cucumbers are growing nicely~

It has been raining just about every day for the past few weeks and the cacti aren’t liking it too much.
I moved one [picture 1] to a covered area about a week ago and it looks like it’s doing a lot better,
so I just moved a second one to that area a few days ago [pictures 2 and 3].
I’m hoping that the black parts start to scab up and heal like they did on the other cactus.

After eating most of a Leek [down to where the leaves look like they cut off towards the bottom], we decided to plant it~
This is how it looks after a week or so.
Also, it appears to be making a flower! ^_^

The larger Coleus looks so pretty~

The larger Coleus looks so pretty~